Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to show you the most kicka*s flow in the cosmos. :]

Soo its been a long time since i last wrote in here, alot has changed. Even my appearence.
My hair is now like a cocanut brown, and i pierced my own nose :) It looks pretty cute noot gunna lie ;] .
Me and my ex dont talk at all anymore, i cant stand the kid. He is never happy, hes always negative i dont understand why. Your attitude towards life, determines lifes attitude towards you. Thats something he needs to learn.
Thats guy i like, alots changed between us to, about a month ago he asked me out and i said yes. but it didnt really last that long, we both figured we were taking things to fast then went back to seeing eachother, but as of february 16th he asked me out again.. On valentines day he told me he loved me for the first time, but last night when he said it to me again it ment so much, i had the weirdest feeling in my chest and stomach. I love him to. I just hope that we can actually last for a little while. He means alot to me and i care about him. I really hope we go to a movie soon !
My cousin came down for a couple of days to, we spent alot of time together, had lots of fun, Hopefully she moves down here for her grade 10 year. Life would be fun. Us brunsdon girlss will mess stuff up. hahah
Im alot happier lately, but i havent been the goodest girl out there but i mean. We all make mistakes right? I'll get back on the right track soon enough i guess. (:
Anyways i guess that sums it all up. Im loving my new semester though i havent been to it much which isnt good. Im super excited for grade 11 to. I cant wait.
Hopefully your still reading mrs roth. Miss you <3 (: