Wednesday, July 28, 2010

im as calm as the breeze, im the bees knees his legs and his arms ima superstar girl

its been a while since ive posted in here but i thought i should update anyone who reads this. My summer is going alrigt not as great as i hoped but still a good time. i really want to get back in cheer bad. somehow i really wish east could get a team theres so much talent, but im probibly just gunna join london heat or vipers or something. I definitly wish i did field hockey this summer im excited to go back to school and tryout though my attendance was terrible last semester but im still gunna try. my birthday is coming up soon i want to go shopping in toronto and go to wonderland. im gunna try for a new style this year. im probibly getting extentionss to. im gunna get my belly button peirced soon to hopefully :)
uhm me and will, its almost our 6 months, right now were going through a stage i believe we fight atleast once a day for 20-hour. but he stopped doing drugs for his family because he got caught which is probibly one of the bes thing that has happened for him and he is transfering to east, it will be better for him bc he has to pull up his pants or he is kicked outta my house. i think i can finally say i love the boy, because hes not just a bf to me hes like my best friend. honestly hes my number one right now. i havent seen ali in ages it seems like we can never make enough time for eachother were always busy when we call and ask eachother to hangout. so hopefully on my bday we can have a girls night out or something and im hopefully gunna have a party.
im actually excited to go back to school i like my classes besides the 2 grade 10 classes i have to retake, im pumped for the dance one for sure and fashions and fitness :)
but im going to get some hair dye, ill post another blog sooon

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