Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maybe your gunna be the one that saves mee and afterall, your my wonderwall

I had a great may 2-4 weekend. I did lots of things but my favourite day was yesterday. Craig, Alyssa, Jenn, Will and I went to lake whitiker and went swimming in the lake. It was soo warm ! Like it was atleast 80 degrees, i was scared to walk in because there was supposively snapping turtles so Will would carry me out and squat in the water and i would sit on him, then we brough a picnic table in andsat on that and pushed eachother off for a little bit till everyone was wet. Then we tried doing this trust thing where we all grabbed hand and leaned back and tried to balance but we always ended up falling in. Then we played chicken. I got on Wills shoulders and then Jen got on Craigs and we tried to push eachother over, lastly we just sat on the picnic table and talked. Will took me for a walk through the camping sites to show me where his trailor used to be thn we decided we were gunna go camping sometime soon maybe this weekend coming up or next. We went on th swings for a bit and then headed out. We had to take alyssa home to wallacburg to. This weekend we also went to grand bend for a couple of hours and went to a bunch of parties it was super fun. Me and Will still fight quite a bit its nothing super big and our longest one lasted only a couple of hours but i hate when we fight its over stupid things to, and Will is so friggen moody. Everyone swears he has bipolar. His moods change faster then a clock. It can be bad. But we always work it out in the end. I wrote him a letter telling him how ive been feeling about somethings and about how its normal to fight once in a while in a relationship and just about alot of things and it made him cry. It was so cute i thought. I really want him to start having some goals inlife. I finally found out that he wanted to be a marine biologist since he was little but he given up on that because he doesnt want to go back to school. Im really trying to talk him into going back because he really will need it in the end. I also really need to get back to school, this year is almost over and its not looking to good but i have many new goals for next year to help improve. I want to work my bum off to get back to where i used to be when i had 90's in all my classes. Im trying out for Powercheergym vipers on thursday im a little nervous but really pumped because i want to get back into it but im scared there going to make me take my peircings out. I definitly would NOT take out my tongue, and i dont want to take out my nose but id consider it. If they do tell me to i probibly wont do it and just see if theres a team i could help with or anyway i could try and get east elgin a team. Or maybe cheerleading just isnt my sport anymore :( i really miss it though !

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