Monday, April 12, 2010

April showers bring May flowers.

wow, what a weekend. Again i spent the whole thing with will. We definitly bonded this weekend i think (thanks for the ideas mrs roth). Wills backyard is so big, he has woods where his dad goes deer hunting, he brought me all through there and down by this swamp. It was beautiful, i saw little chipmunks chasing after eachother and this hill filled with pretty flowers. He also drove me around on his doom buggy it was a one seater so i had to sit on his lap, i steered while he pressed the gas and break. We went to a party on friday, with my cousin ( shes down by the way ) then saterday we didnt do to much. I got mad at him again, i guess it was just an over reaction but we talked it out and everything was much better afterwards we started to do things that brought us closer. Sunday we went for the walk and the ride on his doom buggy, then we hungout with chad and alyssa. The boys went skateboarding and us girls watched, then we went to jesses place for cake, because it was a friends birthday. He aknowleged me so much more during this point of time. Afterwards we went downstairs and had a little bit to drink and we layed together on a couch waiting for the boys to come back and we wrestled eachother and he would tickle me to death and kiss me all over really fast so it would tickle to and it was cute:] Then last night he slept over again, we cuddled with eachother all night. He told me alot of personal things, and things that he wanted in the future. At the moment he isnt in that great of a position. Hes suspended again for skipping class so much. He is thinking about getting a job and dropping out. I smacked him when he said that and told him he should stay in school he will regret it so much later. So now hes going to work and go to school. Today hes actually making 200 dollars for picking up scrap metal and what not which is great for him. I need to get a job, a good job especially if i was considering moving out. Alyssas social worker gave her a number to a place where, once your 16 aslong as you go to school you can have someone pay for your share of the rent or all of your rent, which i think would be amazing for me to have if i could. That way that would be one less thing id have to pay for and then id just pay my share for water, cable and food.
Lately ive been so much happier, i dont think ive ever been truley sad or really mad. When im home im getting along much better with my family other then the school thing. Im failing science, im so far behind i dont know what to do. I barly ever go to that class, and i need it for my future but i know im going to fail :/ Even if i go more im going to fail, so i might do summer school or hopefully if i can credit recovery then talk to my guidance counciller about staying in university level biology and chemistry. All my other classes are good, im passing them with above 70's which is my goal for now. But i just dont know what to do about that. I know that my teacher dislikes me for missing her class and i totally understand its very disrespectful but now im scared of her LOL. its a little bit frustrating though. Ive put myself in a bad position here.

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