Tuesday, April 6, 2010

shygirl, crazygirl

how do you conquer shyness? like in some situations im so shy, but in others im not one bit shy at all. grr

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  1. Experience. The longer you live, the less shy you're likely to be. But I don't think you need to conquer shyness, there are times where you don't need to speak or be loud and out going. In new situations it's not uncommon to feel a little reserved or apprehensive - but as you get used to your surroundings you'll open up more.

    There is a need to conquer 'not being yourself', if you feel like you're shy because you can't be yourself. That's when you need to look at the situation you're in and ask yourself, "do I deserve better than this?" or "is there something here holding me back?".

    Just don't drink to be "un-shy". You'll end up regretting something you've done! :)