Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boo poopy day

Well i am not excited for today one its like pouring so i have to walk to school in the rain, two its only thursday so i still have one more day of school after today and three i have to write the literacy test, which made me have to wake up earlier to get to school earlier. Boo ! Atleast i can come home today and say " Well thats done". Im positive i will pass it aswell because im good at this kind of stuff and did well on the pre test :).
So last night i made the most stupidest mistake ever, after going through the whole do not have unprotected sex talk since i was in grade 6, i would go and have unprotected sex. Way to be safe kristen. I dont know where my head was at the time but i wasnt thinking. He told me he pulled out but that still doesnt include pre ejaculation and im not on the pill so thats awesome. so im going to have to see if i can get the emergancy concreceptive pill just incase i dont want to take my chances. GRR. im usually so much more smart then this.
Will came over last night, obviously and we watched sherlock holmes together.. but he fell asleep! Pretty much the whole time he was over he slept, it made me a little sad to because he wasnt evven cuddling with me, he just layed on my bed, took up most of it and slept. Then his mom came and i couldent even get him up. After he left i was really sad because i probibly wont get to see him till sunday. If im lucky friday which isnt that bad but still. On the bright side i knew he felt bad and as soon as he got home he called me. When i said hello the first thing he said was i love you and i feel bad, i didnt even know i fell asleep." I felt much better after this especially because he was so tired, he still put out the effort to call me haha. He wrote on my wall yesterday to, he signed his name somewhere and my bed is up agaisnt the wall and that is where he sleeps when he sleeps over and he put " This wall is wills side of the bed, stay off ! i love you" then put a heart. Also at the end of the bed he put a heart with KB in it. It made me smile.
I want to know some good ways to bond with him, different things we could do together to get closer because i want to be closer with him.

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  1. KB,

    Did you get the MAP (Plan B) emergency contraception? Let me know if you need information about where to get it, I can provide you with that.

    Some people say that 'Knowledge is power', but it's actually: 'The application of knowledge is power'! This isn't the time for me to lecture, but I suspect you know you could apply your knowledge better in the future!

    As for ways to get close, some things are more important and meaningful to others when they are attempting to bond. I personally think that getting to know someone involves getting to know how they think and feel through meaningful conversations. Some of the best conversations I've had with friends, dates, boyfriends and my husband have started when we've asked each other random questions. This website was one of the first ones that came up when I googled "conversation starters". Some questions wouldn't apply to all ages, but you get the drift when you read through them.

    Obviously doing something breathtaking is good - a hike, looking at the stars or enjoying some aspect of natures - since it allows for you to be two souls in one place, not two people in a fast-paced and commercial world.

    Let me know if this is the kind of thing you were looking for...